Softverski sistem za učenje ekspertskih sistema


This paper describes the software system for expert system learning which was realized at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. The software has been developed as an educational system for students and will be used for teaching the subject Expert Systems within undergraduate and Master studies. The system guides students through examples and step-by-step tasks related to topics to which they belong and which are done as part of lectures and tutorials. The following issues are covered: breadth-first and depth-first strategies, hill-climbing method, best-first method, branch and bound methods, method A*, search in games, production systems, general problem solver, STRIPS planning system and undetermined environment operation systems – fuzzy logic, probability factor reasoning and other ways of expressing uncertainty. Students may enter they own examples and tasks and thus obtain correct solutions. At every moment, there is a possibility of going one step back or forward. At the very end, a student may also print the detailed how-to procedure of solving the task. The implemented system improves lecturer’s efficiency and enhances knowledge acquisition of innovative curricula.

Proceedings of the 18th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR 2010), Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 1129-1132, IEEE