STSAnno – a tool for semantic textual similarity annotation

STSAnno is a tool written in Java for offline semantic textual similarity (STS) annotation. It allows the user/annotator to assign and change semantic similarity scores of text/sentence pairs in a given corpus. This tool was presented in the LREC 2018 paper.

SCStemmers – A collection of stemmers for Serbian and Croatian

SCStemmers is a package containing four stemming algorithms for Serbian and Croatian:
– The greedy and the optimal subsumption-based stemmers for Serbian, by Vlado Kešelj and Danko Šipka,
– A refinement of their greedy stemmer for Serbian, by Nikola Milošević,
– A stemmer for Croatian, by Nikola Ljubešić and Ivan Pandžić.
SCStemmers can be used as a standalone tool or as a plug-in for Weka. The package was presented in the LREC 2016 paper.